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The Kiltormer dojo was established in 1990. The Head Instructor is Sensei Marie Dolphin, 5th Dan karatedo, 5th Dan Kobudo. Sensei Marie began her karate career in 1983 in the hombu with Sensei Leo Mulvany. She sensei marie IKKItravelled to Toronto as a member of the Irish team who took part in the Canadian Shito-ryu Itosu-kai Championships. During this trip she was ranked to Shodan by Tsumura Shihan and the rest is history. Since then Marie has competed in several Canadian Championships as well as International seminars down through the years. Also competing in IKIF world Championships in Japan (2002), Los Angeles (2005), Malaysia (2009) and Osaka, Japan 2013.

Marie Dolphin Sensei, 5th Dan Karate, 5th Dan Kobudo.

kilt ikkiBesides running the Kiltormer club, Marie has added karate interests and has pursued her martial arts outside of her club. Marie is the Director of Itosu-kai Karatedo Ireland and a Senior Councilor for IKIF. She is also a Level 1 coach (Coaching Ireland), and has been the IKKI Squad Kata coach since 2008. She is currently the National Kata Coach for O.N.A.K.A.I. the national governing body for karate in Ireland. Marie also has completed the FETAC Level 5 First Aid course.

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Venue:  Kiltormer Sports Complex, Kiltormer, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.
Time:  6.30 - 8pm  ( Friday) Karate &  Kobudo.

Contact Sensei Marie: Phone 087 3082323 or email:  jm.dolphin@hotmail.com



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