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Itosu-kai Karatedo Ireland, Karate & Kobudo Association teaches Kobudo in all the Itosu-kai clubs in Ireland. We Kobudo1have practised Kobudo since 1976. The weapons used in Kobudo practice are the the Kama, Sai, Nunchaku, Bo and Tonfa. The Irish Association have received Kobudo training over the years from Shihan Kei Tsumura, 8th Dan Karate-do, 7th Dan Kobu-do, Chief Instructor of Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai Karate & Kobudo Association, Canada. Shihan Tsumura became the last person to be awarded a 5th-Dan certificate from Master Taira Shinken before his death in 1970.

Shihan Kei Tsumura

Mabuni Sensei, Sakagami Sensei, Sakagami Soke and Tsumura Shihan all studied Kobudo with Taira Shinken Sensei (1897-1970). Taira Shinken was born Maezato Shinken on the tiny Island of Kumejima in the Village of Nakazato, in what is now Okinawan Prefecture, on June 12, 1897. Later in life he changed to his mother's name "Taira". He studied Kobudo3under Master Moden Yabuki, the founder of "Ryukyu Kobujutsu Kenkyu-Kai". Not only did he influence many practioners during his life, Taira Shinken left a legacy which is promoted in Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai and is translated as “the organization for the preservation and promotion of the ancient martial traditions of the Ryukyu Islands”. His goal was to provide a means to pass on his research.

Taira Shinken Sensei

His one time student, the late Ryusho Sakagami wrote, "All of us concerned with the ancient martial arts of Okinawa owe a debt of gratitude to the late Master Taira Shinken, who developed the foundation on which all future work in the field must proceed"1
In Japan, the long history and techniques of Itosu-ryu karatedo were so acknowledged that Japan Kobudo Association admitted the entry of Itosu-ha in 1979, and it is the only karate organization in the association.
The IKKI teach Bo, Nunchaku and Tonfa at colour belt level. To progress to Sai and Kama requires a Shodan grade in Karate.

Sakagami Sensei demonstrating sai with his son, Sadaaki at the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, 1979 2.



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