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Sensei Donal Monahan, 5th Dan Karatedo, 4th Dan Kobudo, is the head instructor in the Itosu-kai Karatedo Mountrath and Roscrea dojos. Donal Sensei started his karate career in the donal monahan sensei IKKIHombu dojo with Leo Mulvany in 1984. Donal has trained with Shihan Kei Tsumura, 8th Dan, Chief Instructor of Shito-ryu Itosu-kai, Canada, in Ireland, Italy and Toronto, Canada. He has also competed in the Canadian Shito-ryu Itosu-kai Karate Championships in Toronto and the Itosuryu Karatedo International Federation World Karate Championships in Osaka, Japan, 2013 in both Kumite & Kata.

Donal opened his first Club in Mountrath in 2000. He later opened the Shinrone club in 2004. He opened the Roscrea club in 2014 and it has gone from strength to strength.
Sensei Donal has also completed the occupational Frist Aid (FETAC Level 5) course.
Donal Sensei's first black belt was Emily Dunne. Emily ranked for her Shodan in 2007. Other black belt instructors include Noel Lynam, Jean Kennedy, Paul Davey, Jamie Brennan and Jean Carter.

Senseis and High Ranks at Mountrath and Roscrea Dojos

Turning out for a photograph at one of their weekend training sessions for higher ranks are the Mountrath high ranksblack belts, shodan-ho and brown belts of Mountrath & Roscrea dojos. They are the backbone of the 2 clubs and work hard together to learn and teach Itosukai Karatedo to other students. Keep up the great work!

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Recent News in Mountrath & Roscrea Dojos


roscrea IKKI ranking




Students from the Roscrea IKKI dojo show off their new yellow belts having ranked from white to yellow belt recently. There were 10 black belts present on the night officiating and they also put on a kata demonstration before presentation of belts and certificates. Congratulations to all on their success and to all the parents, family and friends who were there in large numbers on the night. Congratulations to Donal Sensei on his first graduates in Roscrea. Many thanks to black belts; Sensei's Paul Davey, Jean Carter, Jamie Brennan, Caitlan Dunphy and many others for their help and support todate.


Black belt ranks 2014New Black Belt Ranks for Mountrath Dojo

December 2014, Jamie Brennan, Jean Kennedy and Paul Davey ranked to Nidan in Karate (2nd Dan Black Belt). It was, as usual, a long and tough ranking with no stone left unturned. Pictured in the Honbu, L->R: Sensei's Donal Monahan, Head Instructor of Mountrath & Roscrea, Jamie Brennan, Jean Kennedy & Paul Davey. They will wear their Nidan well, congratulations to all.



"Roscrea Stands Up"
Youth Awards

The " Roscrea Stands Up" Youth awards were held in Racket Hall Hotel on the 16th of January 2015. The whole community joined in the celebration of the extraordinary talents and mountrath rises upachievements of the young people from the local area.  Receiving an award that night was our own Jean Kennedy Sensei. She had been proposed for her achievements in Osaka, Japan at the IKIF World Karate Championships in 2013 where she took silver in Kata and more recently for passing her ranking exam to 2nd Dan black belt. On the night, Jeans story was presented and delivered to a packed Racket Hall audience by her Sensei, Donal Monahan.
It was a very memorable night full of emotion, good feelings and craic! The Mountrath and Roscrea dojos were there in support including Jeans parents, Angela and Paul. Jean turned out looking marvellous as usual and everyone was extremely proud of her, especially her family.


Mountrath: Kobudo Rank

Mountrath Dojo gains a black belt in Kobudo, the ancient art of Okinawan weaponry. Jean Carter Sensei ranked to Shodan in Kobudo after much study of the art. There are over 15 kihon kata associated with 5 different weapons to be mastered for a Shodan in Kobudo. This is in conjunction with one's karate training. A lot of work and committment. Jean is the only student in the Mountrath/Roscrea Dojos to rank to Shodan in Kobudo. Jean ranked with 3 other students: L->R: Leo Mulvany (IKKI Chief Instructor), Larry Reynolds, Faye Mulvany, Jean Carter, Martin Ryan and Tony Dolphin (Head Instructor, Newinn & IKKI President).

IKKI Mountrath Success At The ASK Open Karate Championships

dony monahan ikki

Left to right, Sensei's Donal Monahan, Jean Carter, Jean Kennedy & Leo Mulvany (Chief Instructor IKKI).
Congratulations to the two Jean's who put in a terriffic performance at the ASK Open Championships, Newmarket On Fergus, February 2014. Jean Kennedy taking 1st place and Jean Carter taking 2nd place in the senior ladies black belt kata competition.





The Itosu-Ryu Karatedo International federation (IKIF) World Championships 2013,Osaka, Japan

jean kennedy ikki Osaka






Sensei Donal Monahan (Head Instructor, Mountrath & Roscrea Dojos) & Sensei Jean Kennedy represented Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland (IKKI) at the IKIF world Championships in July 2013. Donal & Jean both took part in the Kata & Kumite competitions. Jean Kennedy went all the way to the final of the female cadet kata. She put in a superb performance overall only to be pipped by Minori Kawamoto of Japan. Jean pictured above left with her silver medal and certification. A silver medal in the IKIF world championships, what a fantastic achievement. Donal pictured above right in action during the mens senior kumite competition. For full report on the Osaka trip, click HERE.

jena dony IKKI osakakevin casey IKKIkevin casey ikkiangela kennedy ikki





Starting left: A) Jean & Donal at practice. B) Donal, Leo & Kevin after the tournamenr in the Namihaya Dome. C) Donal & Kevin take time out for a photo. D) the star supporter for the Mountrath/Shinrone group, Angela Kennedy (proud mother of the silver medalist).


Mountrath Dojo


Practising the kata Seinchin

Celebrating 10 years of Itosu-kai Karate in Mountrath


Mountrath students


Mountrath Dojo Celebrates 10 years;

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Sensei's Jean Kennedy, Leo Mulvany & Donal Monahan. Sensei Jean receives her official Shodan grade and Donal his official 5th (Godan) from IKKI Chief Instructor, Leo Mulvany.

Itosu-kai Karatedo Mountrath Dojo
Location: St. Fintan's Hall, Mountrath, Co. Laois
Classes: Thursday, 7 - 9.30pm.
Kobudo: Every second Thursday (8.30-9.30pm.)

Itosu-kai Karatedo Roscrea Dojo
Location: Scoil Eoin Naomha, Golden Grove, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary
Classes: Wednesday, 6.30-8.30pm.

Contact Sensei Donal:
Mobile: 0877607063
Email: info@aweddingbycaroline.com


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