Sport Karate


Students aspiring to Itosu-kai squads are those karateka who wish to be tournament competitors and have the ability to do so. Separate kata and kumite squad sessions take place at various locations and times. The purpose of squad training is to allow sport karate orientated students in our clubs the opportunity to further their skills in either kata, kumite or both. Squad sessions are separate to club karate sessions and the aim is to give additional specific tuition in sport karate. Instructors will emphasise the importance of the mental and physical aspects of training.

Itosu-Kai Kata & Kumite Squad 2017.

Central to the success of squad individuals will be their ability to follow and apply what their coaches teach them such as confidence and attitude, positive thinking, self-visualisation, tactics and mental preparation.
A team pool is established every year in October/November for those with a sporting ambition. This pool is usually part developmental depending on the number and calibre of new recruits. Individual club instructors in Itosu-kai Ireland may select students to trial for the team pool.

Sport Karate Training
Sport Karate training takes place at kata or kumite squad sessions. Sessions are called by the relevant coach and students are required to attend. Committment is required to succeed. Squad sessions may become more frequent prior to competition, be it national, international or world championship level.

Students who perform well may be further selected by the coach to trial for the national all styles Ireland team. This is an opportunity to represent Ireland under the National Governing Body (NGB) for karate in Ireland, O.N.A.K.A.I. The NGB have their own coaches at regional (provincial) and national level. Some of these coaches are Itosu-kai Karatedo Ireland coaches, such as Sensei Marie Dolphin who is the ONAKAI National Kata Coach.

IKKI National coaches

5 1 IKKI Shane 6 4 2
Sensei Kevin Casey, Head Kumite Caoch Sensei Donal Monahan, Asst. Kumite Coach Sensei Shane Dolphin, Asst. Kumite Coach Sensei Marie Dolphin, Head Kata Coach Sensei John Dolphin, Asst. Kata Coach Sensei Claire Harte, Asst. Kata Coach



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